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New Year Catch Up!

Hey Guys!

Firstly let me wish everyone a happy 2013!  :-)

As so much has happened recently and there is so many up coming events happening in my life I thought I would update you on a few of them.

So I had an awesome Xmas this year!  I spent it in Denver with my Sister and her family including my new 8 week old nephew!  He is so cute and cuddly and he totally loves his Aunty Bri!  Hehe.  As part of my Xmas present to my Sister and Brother in Law I looked after him for a few of the days I was there so that they could get a few full nights sleep.  I haven’t had too much experience with babies but I totally enjoyed it!  It was hard to leave when I had too.  I already miss them all.













I had a pretty quiet New Years this year by my standards.  Spent it with a few of my friends at a party.  I did however get to wear my totally sexy dress that seem to go down very well with a lot of you guys!  ;)













It’s now less than 3 weeks until my 25th Birthday!!  As it’s my golden birthday I wanted to mark the occasion in a special way.  So I’ve decided I’m going to throw a party….but not just any party….I’m gonna have a Roller Skating party at my local roller rink!!  It will be a fun filled Mexican Fiesta complete with live music provided by multiple DJs, catered Mexican food, pinatas, and birthday cake.  It’s gonna be totally awesome, I can’t wait!

Of course if you guys wanna buy me a gift for my Birthday you can buy me something off of my Amazon wishlist.  Any gifts that you buy will be totally appreciated and of course I always spoil you back.  ;-)


Also in February, as well as it being Valentines Day, the 2013 edition of the Miss Freeones contest kicks off!  I was totally blown away last year by all of your support.  You guys helped me to win the Best Cam Girl category and come runner up in the Best Adult Model category as well.  I hope that I can retain my title this year but I know the competition is going to be tougher than ever.  If you do want to help support me now you can go join up FREE and become a Freeones member and start posting on the forum.  Freeones members get more voting power in the contest so it’s worth doing.  You can sign up for a totally FREE account here.  I will post more about the contest closer to the start date but if you do want to check my profile etc out you can here.


So with school starting as well as a few other things going on in my life the next few months are gonna be busy busy for me but of course I’ll keep you updated as much as I can. ;-)

Much Love to you all,

Bri xo

Freeones Charity Drive!

Hey Guys,
So Freeones.com has decided that they will be donating $1,000 to a charity this year for Xmas and they asked all of the Miss Freeones Category winners from this year to nominate two charities that they felt were deserving of the donation. Of course as I won the Cam Girl of the Year category I was asked to nominate as well. My two choices were The American Red Cross and Breast Cancer Research. The reasons behind this are explained in the short video that I shot and posted below.

Now it is up to you guys to vote for the charity you feel is the most deserving. Just click on this link http://www.freeones.com/charity-drive/ and vote. You do not need to be a member of Freeones to vote either. You have until Decemeber 23rd to cast your vote, so get voting!

One more thing….Freeones asked the models and their affiliates if they would like to add to the amount donated by donating themselves, an offer that I myself loved the idea of and took up….now the donation amount is up to nearly $10,000!! The money could make a real difference to the lives of the people that these charities help support.

If you too want to donate you can contact Freeones at webmaster@freeones.com and they will provide you details of how you can do it.

Briana Lee's Freeones Charity Drive Choices by caring259

November Preview!

Tits and Ass!

Briana Lee Tits and Ass!! by caring259

My Brand New Freeones.com Interview!

Briana Lee New Freeones.com Interview by caring259

October Preview!

Questions and Answers!

So, a few weeks ago I asked everyone to send me any and all questions about me and my career & I would answer them in a post on my blog.  Well here are the answers!  :-)


Do you follow any your fans on Twitter??

I do yes, but you have to prove to me why you should be 1 of my 69 follows. ;-)

I was wondering if you had a fanmail mailing address that I could mail to?

Yep I do.  Send any fan mail to my PO Box address which is:

5720 N Belt West, Ste. 20 PBM 155, Belleville?, IL, 62226

Do u do anal?

Yep.  If you cherck my site out you will find photos and videos of me doing it…

At what age did you lose your anal virginity?

I believe it was 17.  I was curious about it.  I like it every now and then.

Just wondering if you ever did secretary photoshoot?

Not yet on my new site.  I did however just shoot a sexy Teacher set.  ;-)

I was wondering what would it take for me to get to know you?

Follow me on Twitter and chat with me in my member shows.  They are the best ways to get to know me.

You are REALLY beautiful! Anyone ever mistake you for an angel?

Haha!  Not yet they haven’t.

You’re gorgeous and sweet! how come? Not many of those kind of women around.

I guess I had a good upbringing and inherited my good looks from my Mom.

Where do you like guys to cum?

Anywhere that turns them on really, but my favorite place is probably over my boobs. :-)

Can you send me some pics??

There’s plenty on my site if you join up!

Do you enjoy fan interactions?

It’s one of the things I enjoy the most about what I do!!  I love chatting to you guys and sharing my life with you.  I also love attending porn conventions too.  I’ll be attending more next year for sure.

Do you enjoy sucking dick?

Of course and I’m REALLY good at it!  Hehe.

How does it feel to be so desired by many men in the world?

I love it.  It’s a real turn on.

Do you actually wear glasses, or do you just wear them as an accessory?

Mostly as an accessory.  I like to change things up!

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

Lola!  She’s my life.

Do you have a boyfriend??

Nope, i can honestly say i don’t.

I see your a DJ,like me what kind of music you do & do you have Soundcloud account??

Nope sure don’t, not yet anyway.  I am working on perfecting looping, beat matching, cue points, ect.. right now, then I’ll worry about recording some of my mixes.

I was wondering instead of giving me a video or something like that. If i bought you something. Would you want to have a chat?

I have offered phone calls as spoil backs before if interested.

Is it difficult to start, keep, or find a relationship with a guy?

Start, no. Keep, yes! Haven’t had many serious boyfriends but, I sure havent found the right guy for me yet.

My question for you is do you ever plan on adding hardcore content with another male on your website in the near future? 

I’m not opposed to doing boy/girl.  It just has to be the right time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In the Adult Industry or out of it? And what are the reasons for either outcome?

5 years, tough call.. so much can happen in that amount of time. I guess it really depends where I’m at in life. I dont exactly want to be out of the industry but, you never know what life is going to throw at you. I will have completed college by then and possibly have became a famous DJ haha.

If you weren’t in porn what would you be doing?

No fucking clue! Haha. I was working at Hooters before I got into modeling.

Did u ever get gangbanged?

Nope never “gangbanged” but I have had threesomes.

What is the biggest turn on for you? 

If we are speaking sexually, which I think are, it’s a man who is eager to please me and likes to take charge in the bedroom.

What Is Your Favorite Sex Position?

I love doggy when in a rough mood, missionary for love making and spooning for morning sex!

What do you want out of life besides money and fame?

I honestly don’t want fame, that may be why I haven’t gone more mainstream, money is of course sought after but I am not trying to get rich necessarily. There are much more important things to me. I want good relationships with family, friends and my husband ( if and when I get married) I want to live a life where I have no regrets and amazing memories.

What is the biggest sized penis you’ve ever had orally and or vaginally. Estimation is good just in case you didn’t whip out a ruler at that time.
I can remember two guys, who were actually very close friends LOL, who had large, thick cocks. Definitely well endowed. I am very tight so i needed lots of lube.

Hi Briana, my question is where is the hottest and sexiest place that you have gone to on vacation?

Hottest & sexiest place would have to be Miami for spring break. Such beautiful people, scenery and incredibly fun atmosphere.

Do you prefer a guys package be hairy, neatly trimmed, or completely bald?

I dont mind trimmed hair. Bald is okay too, cleaner.

Whats your favorite movie(s)?

Goodness, there are quite a few! I love Thirteen, Blow, Life As A House, Kids, Bully, Fight Club, The Adjustment Bureau, just to name a few! As far as TV I like Drugs Inc, Intervention, True Life, Dexter & a few others.
What is your hidden talent?

I can actually sing really well! I only sing when alone though, way too shy.

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