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Whats up with me!

Hey Guys

I’ve got a crazy month ahead of me so I thought I’d share some of the things that I’ve got coming up. 

So the weather here has been so nice lately that I decided that before the summer was over that I wanted to throw a big party with all my friends.  We decided on organising a big kick ass BBQ in our local park.  I’ve rented the largest pavilion that can hold up to 250 people!  There’s gonna be plenty of food, drink and games going on.  And I’ve even orgainsed for a few of my DJ friends to come along to play some live music for us!  It’s gonna be awesome!!!

Got my hair did especially. :-)   Gone back to a lighter colour.  You like?













Of course I start school again soon as well.  I’ve been having a few problems getting in the classes that I need to because there aren’t enough people signing up to them for it to be worth the school running them.  It could work out that I will only be attending one class this semester which kinda sucks but it does leave me extra time to persue my DJing which is very inportant to me as well.

I’m also going to a couple of concerts as well.  Going to see Bass Crooks and Pretty Lights soon and hopefully Bassnectar or Datsik later in the year!  They’re booked on the same night at different venues, lame right?!  Check out one of my fav Pretty Lights songs here  One listen and you’ll be hooked! :-)

And last, but certainly not least, in September I’ve got my vacation to Florida!  I am sooo looking forward to this!  I can’t wait to be able to relax and soak up some sun.  The hotel I’m staying at is really pretty and is right on the beach.  I’m hoping I might get a booking or two to either host an event or DJ at one of the clubs down there.  Remember any enquiries about booking me need to be emailed to

And remember, the best way to keep up to date with me is by following me on Twitter (@BrianaExtreme).  I also post ALOT of candid photos on there as well, so if you’re not following mer you’re missing out.  Here’s a selection of the photos I’ve posted on there recently….


































Until next time guys,

Much Love, Bri xo

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