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Miss Freeones Contest 2014!

Hey guys!

It’s that time of year again.  The huge Miss Freeones contest is due to start in a couple of days so I thought I’d write a quick blog telling people how they can vote for me.  The voting system has changed slightly this year.  It means that, unlike previous years, each model can now only really concentrate on one category.  As I have won the category the past 2 years I am going to concentrate on the Best Cam Girl category so if you do want to vote for me I’d appreciate if you could vote for me in this category.

The link to place your votes this year is:

**Please Note:  If you are trying to vote on a mobile device, i.e. phone or tablet,  once you click on the link above you will need to go to the bottom of that page and turn off the mobile layout.  This will then allow you to see the voting page.**

**Update 11th September – Yay I won Round 1 in the Best Cam Girl category, but the contest is far from over.  Round 2 starts today with all the vote totals reset to zero.  So please remember to vote for me daily in the Best Cam Girl category!  Thank you in advance!**

***Update 22nd September – Unbelievably I have also now won Round 2 in the Best Cam Girl category!!  Thank you to everyone that has been supporting me!  But this is the most difficult final round, due to the fact that you now only have 7 votes to use.  If you can spare it, I’d really appreciate a vote each day in my chosen category.  Only 8 more votes to make!  Again, thank you all for your support!!***

Here’s an outline of how to vote and the rules this year:

Contest start: September 1st
Contest end: September 30th

1st round: Monday Sept 1st 2am EST until Thursday Sept 11 at 2am EST (All girls entered)
2nd round: Thursday Sept 11 at 4am EST until Monday Sept 22 at 2am EST (Top 50 girls entered)
3rd round: Monday Sept 22nd at 4am EST until Tuesday Sept 30th at 2am EST (Top 10 girls entered)

Voting will be done on the model’s FreeOnes Babe Sections (see above link).   You can only vote for each model 1 time per day, no matter how many categories they enter.  Votes get refreshed at midnight EST.

Although you don’t have to sign up to vote, if you do then your vote carries more weight.  If you vote and are not signed in then your vote only counts for 0.25 of a vote.  If you vote when signed in then your vote counts for a full vote so it pays to create a free account.  It only takes around 60 seconds to sign up.  Full details on vote weights can be found here.  To read the full details about the contest click here.

I’d appreciate any support you guys can give me.  With the rule changes this year it is going to be doubly hard to do well in the contest but I’d appreciate any spare votes you have.  :)

I’ll keep you updated as to my progress in the coming weeks.  :)

Thanks again guys!

Much love, Bri xo

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