Hey guys,
So I was thinking about what I could write my next blog about and thought it would be fun to tell you some things about myself that maybe you didn’t know.  :)

So here’s a list of 20 things that you may not of known about me before:

1) I used to illegally drag race a Ford Mustang Mach 1 as a teenager
2) I lost my virginity at 16 to a guy who I wasn’t even dating!
3) My favorite sweet treats are sour candies & fruit pie.
4) I had never posed topless before until 2010 nor had I been a webcam before the age of 20.
5) My top 2 celebrity crushes are Calvin Harris and Shia Labeouf
6) I love to go go dance at raves
7) I take vitamins & supplements everyday
8) I have no plans for marriage or children in the near future
9) I despise flying on airplanes
10) I’ve never broken a bone or have had any surgury other than my wisdom teeth
11) My alcoholic drink of choice is wine
12) My favorite sex toys are vibrating massagers
13) I LOVE anal sex
14) I don’t ride any rides
15) I was raised Christian & am now an Agnostic
16) I prefer suburban living over rural or city
17) My worst subject is math
18) I went to jail for driving when I did not yet have a license
19) I am incredibly silly & loud
20) I didn’t have a cell phone with internet till I was 23