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Pantie Stuffing Screen Cap

New Auction!!

Hey guys

So yesterday I started my newest auction on  This time it’s for the black thong that I used in my Pantie Stuffing member show a couple of weeks ago!!  It’s a part of history really cause it’s the first time I’ve ever done this type of thing in any of my member shows on any of my websites!  And to round it off I made sure to cum while they were still in there!!

You can check out and bid on the auction here,AuctionDetails/pid,40115

Here’s a screen cap from the show as proof that they were most definitely stuffed in my pussy :-)

If you didn’t catch the show it’s archived and ready to download on  Don’t miss it cause it was most definitely a hot show!! :-)

Happy bidding then guys!!

Bri xo

Miss Freeones 2012!! Vote, Vote, Vote!!

Hey Guys,

So this year is my first year of entering the Miss Freeones contest on Freeones and I’m really excited about it!!  I hope to do well but I’m not getting my hopes up too high cause there are plenty of sexy, popular girls that I’m running against.

The categories I’m entered into are, the main Miss Freeones category, Best OCSM, Best Adult Model and Best Cam Girl.  The category I most want to do well in is Best OCSM (Officially Checked Star Member) but I’m up against some stiff competition!

When it comes down to it it’s you, the fans, that decide who wins and any votes that you can send my way would be very much appreciated!!  To vote for me follow this link

It’s a DAILY voting system so everyday at 12:00am EST you get a set number of votes to use across all the contest categories.  So remember to vote everyday guys!!

The way the contest works is this:

The contest will consist of 3 rounds spread over 30 days. Below is a break-down of the rounds.

  • Round 1 starts April 9th and ends April 20th at 2am EST. All contestants who have entered will compete in the categories they are signed up for.
  • Round 2 starts on April 20th at 4am EST and ends on May 1st at 2am EST. Only the top 50 girls in each category from round 1 will move into round 2.
  • Round 3 starts on May 1st at 4am EST and ends on May 10th at 2am EST. Only the top 15 girls in each category from round 2 will move into round 3.

For a full set of the rules click here.

Please make sure that you abide by all the rules guys or all it will do is have a detrimental effect on my status in the contest!

Ok, so there’s a long way to go yet & to be honest I would just be happy to make it into the second round!  Please remember to vote for me everyday and lets see how far I can get!!!!

Update:  I made it into Round 2 in all the categories I’m in!!  Thank you so much for all your votes guys!  Now it gets really difficult though because everyone loses all their votes from Round 1 and goes back to zero. :(   This means I need all of your daily votes now more than ever to try & get me back up to where I was.  I’d appreciate any and all the votes you guys can send my way!

Go #TeamBriana :)

Much Love as always,

Bri xo

Sneak Preview Promo Video!

Check out this video that was made to promo during an Arch City Video Presents show at POPS Nightclub which I guest hosted with Thom and Jeff from

Briana Lee Promo/Sneak Preview Video for www… by caring259


Welcome to my NEW Website!!!

Hey Guys,
So finally my new website has now officially launched!!! I’m so excited about it and I hope you all are too.
As you will see for the website tour and the sexy pics below this is by far the hottest content I have ever shot and it’s only gonna get hotter!
You can expect to see full penetration, fun with toys, anal and full on Girl/Girl action! So sign up and gain access to all the hot content!
Here’s a few pics to show you what you can expect inside:


I hope you enjoy the preview & hopefully I’ll see alot of you in my member shows!!

Thank you guys, without you none of this would be possible!  Mwah!!!

Bri xo