Hey guys,

I’m getting so sick of all the fake accounts and the gullible men who think it’s really me that I had to post something about it.  Sorry but I won’t write you a sob story begging for you to send me money.  These impersonators are going as far as giving Skype/messenger shows and using RECORDINGS of my cam shows to try and sucker guys into thinking it’s really me.  So sick.  I was blocked from Facebook page for 30 days, so I re-opened an old account to let people know wtf is going on. * PROOF this is the real me, I am posting a link to this account here SO THERE WILL BE NO CONFUSION! *



https://www.facebook.com/BrianaLeeExtreme – My only Official Fan Page


Here is also a list of my other pages. ANYTHING ELSE IS FAKE FAKE FAKE http://clips4sale.com/studio/55809

THIS HAS TO STOP! Please share this post on your Facebook wall if we are friends, I need help clearing up this mess. Thank you!

Bri xo