Holiday Gift Exchange!

Hey guys

So I’ve just got back from my working weekend in LA.  I’m totally exhausted from shooting 3 days straight.  Got to shoot with some sexy babes though so that made it easier.  ;)  Now that I’m back home I’ve started putting my Christmas Tree up so I’m feeling extra Christmassy…..soooo I’ve decided to do an extra special gift exchange from now up until Christmas Day!

What this entails is that for every $15.00 that you spend on buying me gifts from my Amazon wishlist I will send you 2 videos from my Clips4sale store (and some other yet to be seen videos as well)  If you spend $50.00 then I’ll also send you a pair of my panties or a signed 8 x 10 (US shipping addresses only I’m afraid)  You can take a look at my wishlist here:

Top of my list at the mo are gift cards, they always come in useful.  :)  Once you’ve bought the item and you have received the dispatch notification and tracking details then email it over to me at and I will send you your gifts.  Please note that until the items are dispatched then I cannot send you your gifts, this is down to awful people in the past sending me order confirmations and then cancelling the order when I had sent them their gifts.

If you don’t feel like you want to buy me a gift then at least think about donating something to my Virtual Food Drive.  The minimum donation is just $5 which could change a family’s life this Christmas.  The link where you can donate is:

And as there’s not much sexiness in this blog so far….















Much love and Happy Holidays to you all!

Bri xo

My Charity Drive!

Hey guys,

So as a lot of you may already know a few months ago I set up a Virtual Food Drive with the Food Bank of the Rockies charity.  This charity dedicates itself to provide meals to those who cannot afford to feed themselves.  I’m over half way to my goal but still have a long way to go.  As we are coming in to the holiday season. and winter is firmly upon us, these people need our help more than ever.

So I’m calling on you, my wonderful fans to help me reach my goal and help a starving family this winter.  The minimum donation is just $5.00 and given that only $1.00 can buy 4 meals it means you would be providing 20 much needed meals.  For the full details about the charity and to make donations then click on the link below which will take you directly to my food drive page:

On top of this, my sister and I will also be volunteering at Project Angel Heart this holiday season.  This is a charity that provides meals to people in Colorado who have life threatening illnesses.  They actually travel round and deliver the meals to people who find it hard to or who just cannot leave their houses due to their illness.  Again, full details about the charity and how you can volunteer can be found in the link below:

So if you can spare a few dollars to donate or even spare a few hours to volunteer then do it.  Let’s all get together to help those less fortunate than ourselves this holiday season.

My thanks in advance,

Bri xo


Exxxotica New Jersey 2014!

Hey guys!

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I was at the Exxxotica convention in New Jersey!  Had a huge amount of fun while I was there and got to meet sooo many lovely people, fans and other sexy models as well.  Took some video while I was there which you can watch below.  Also took some pics with some of the lovely ladies that were there which I thought you might like to see.  ;)
































Well I hope you enjoy the little video and the photos and I hope that I will see more of you guys over the next few months at the next conventions that I will be attending.  In January I will be in Vegas for the AEE Expo, in March I will be attending the first ever Camming Fest expo in LA and hopefully I will be attending the Exxxotica in Chicago in July.  It’s always super fun so I hope to see you soon!!

Much love,

Bri xo


My Boobs!

Hey friends and fans,
I hope you are all having a decent day and thank you for stopping by to read my blog.  :)  I wanted to add this personal entry because it was bothering me a bit that the public was confused as to what I did with my breasts, so here I am to inform anyone who may have been misconceived.
Since the age of 12-13 when I hit puberty and sprouted D cup breasts in 6th grade, I’ve had to deal with properly supporting my chest.  All of my life I had anywhere from D to DDD boobies depending on my weight (which fluctuated often).  They were, over the years, getting saggier and as a nude model, my body looking attractive is essential to quality work.  In Aug of 2014 I had a minor procedure done known as a mastopexy.  It’s a fancy term for a breast lift.  Nothing to do with the muscle, just tissue, and certainly no implanting of any kind.  Mostly just tissue and fat removed and reshaped. My doctor also suggested I get an areola reduction (reducing the size of the nipple) since they were quite large and unproportionate to my breast.  Below are some photos showing what I have had done.  The top pic is a before and after example of someone that has had the same procedure as me.  The pics below that are examples of how my breasts look before and after the procedure, and you will see the scaring is exactly the same:
I had been asked over and over why I got “fake boobs”, well as you can see from the pics above, I have not.  :)  I am on my way to a full recovery and my scars will heal more and more with time.  I thank anyone who understands and supports my situation.  It was never easy carrying those things around when they touched my chest lol.  :)  And to be honest it has boosted my confidence no end.
Thanks for reading,
Bri xo

A little bit of News!

Hey guys,

So now that the craziness of the Miss Freeones contest is over my thoughts now turn to the holidays that are coming up.  This is one of my fav times of the year.  A time for spending time with the family and being thankful for what we have.  Of course not everyone is as lucky and everyday is a struggle for them just to find something to eat.  This is why I started my Virtual Food Drive back in August.  I’m just over half way to my goal but now it’s time to use some of that holiday spirit and pledge towards it.  Just a pledge as little as $5 will provide 20 meals to those who need it.  Click here to pledge and for more information about the fantastic work that all the people at Food Bank of the Rockies do everyday to help those in need.  Thanks in advance for your generosity.

The second thing I wanted to share was the fact that as of last week my site will now be updated with 2 lots of content every week!  So that’s 2 photo sets and 2 HD videos every week, double the content for the same fantastic monthly price!!  And of course don’t forget about the weekly hour long member shows as well and of course the fact that you get access to all of the other shows on Your Daily Cams for FREE!!  :)  There’s lots of new sexy content on the way including some more girl/girl and even girl/girl/girl content which you’re all gonna love!  Here’s a little taster for you.  ;)

So that’s something to look forward to huh?  ;)

Don’t forget that I will also be attending Exxxotica New Jersey in a couple of weeks as well.  The convention runs from 7th-9th November and I will be there each day.  I have my own booth and will be doing meet and greets and selling merchandise as well.  For more info on the convention go check out their official site

See you guys soon!

Bri xo

September Preview!


A Huge Thank You!!

Hey guys!

I am totally over the moon to have won the Best Cam Girl category in the Miss Freeones category for the 3rd time!  And 3 years in a row as well, the first time it has happened.

But of course I couldn’t have done it without all of your support, so I just want to say a hugggeeee thank you to everyone that voted and supported me throughout the contest.  I’ve recorded a short thank you video as well which is below.  :)

Of course to thank you properly I have decided to give away 2 videos from my Clips4sale store for free!!  These can be downloaded here and here.  On top of that I will also be doing a free cam show  on Friday 17th October at 6:30pmEST, right before my member show.  And when I say they are free I mean free.  I will be doing them on which means you do not even have to sign up to be able to see the shows!!  The link to my profile on there is  If you do want to become a member then you can sign up for free using my link here.

Also for the first time in almost a year I will also be doing cheap Gold Shows on Streamate most of the week.  This means you get a full show from me for just a few dollars.  Such a good deal.  :)  Use can use my link to sign up for them here.

Again a huge thank you for all your support guys.  It means the world to me to know that I have the kind of support that I do.  :-)

Hugs and kisses, Bri xo

August Preview!


Miss Freeones Contest 2014!

Hey guys!

It’s that time of year again.  The huge Miss Freeones contest is due to start in a couple of days so I thought I’d write a quick blog telling people how they can vote for me.  The voting system has changed slightly this year.  It means that, unlike previous years, each model can now only really concentrate on one category.  As I have won the category the past 2 years I am going to concentrate on the Best Cam Girl category so if you do want to vote for me I’d appreciate if you could vote for me in this category.

The link to place your votes this year is:

**Please Note:  If you are trying to vote on a mobile device, i.e. phone or tablet,  once you click on the link above you will need to go to the bottom of that page and turn off the mobile layout.  This will then allow you to see the voting page.**

**Update 11th September – Yay I won Round 1 in the Best Cam Girl category, but the contest is far from over.  Round 2 starts today with all the vote totals reset to zero.  So please remember to vote for me daily in the Best Cam Girl category!  Thank you in advance!**

***Update 22nd September – Unbelievably I have also now won Round 2 in the Best Cam Girl category!!  Thank you to everyone that has been supporting me!  But this is the most difficult final round, due to the fact that you now only have 7 votes to use.  If you can spare it, I’d really appreciate a vote each day in my chosen category.  Only 8 more votes to make!  Again, thank you all for your support!!***

Here’s an outline of how to vote and the rules this year:

Contest start: September 1st
Contest end: September 30th

1st round: Monday Sept 1st 2am EST until Thursday Sept 11 at 2am EST (All girls entered)
2nd round: Thursday Sept 11 at 4am EST until Monday Sept 22 at 2am EST (Top 50 girls entered)
3rd round: Monday Sept 22nd at 4am EST until Tuesday Sept 30th at 2am EST (Top 10 girls entered)

Voting will be done on the model’s FreeOnes Babe Sections (see above link).   You can only vote for each model 1 time per day, no matter how many categories they enter.  Votes get refreshed at midnight EST.

Although you don’t have to sign up to vote, if you do then your vote carries more weight.  If you vote and are not signed in then your vote only counts for 0.25 of a vote.  If you vote when signed in then your vote counts for a full vote so it pays to create a free account.  It only takes around 60 seconds to sign up.  Full details on vote weights can be found here.  To read the full details about the contest click here.

I’d appreciate any support you guys can give me.  With the rule changes this year it is going to be doubly hard to do well in the contest but I’d appreciate any spare votes you have.  :)

I’ll keep you updated as to my progress in the coming weeks.  :)

Thanks again guys!

Much love, Bri xo

July Preview!