Exxxotica Chicago 2013

Hey Guys,

So I know it’s been a while since I posted a new blog but I’ve been a pretty busy girl over the last few months with work, school etc.  Anyway I decided it was time to sit down and write one so as it’s only just over 3 weeks away now (12th – 14th July) I thought I’d talk about the Exxxotica convention in Chicago.  :)

Yes I will be appearing there again this year and I will have my own booth so feel free to come along and say hi!!  I’ll have plenty of merchandise items with me so if you want say a signed 8 x 10 I can hook you up!  ;)  I love doing conventions as it gives me a chance to interact with all my fans face to face instead of over the net.  And it allows you guys to see me in person.  Of course all the other sexy ladies being there as well helps.  :)



Talking about sexy ladies, I thought it was about time I shot some new girl/girl content for my site and what better chance will I have than at Exxxotica.  I’m currently organizing a shoot with 2 or 3 pretty big names so stay tuned for that.  It promises to be seriously hooooot!

Over that weekend I will also be shooting footage for a video I am going to be putting together which will give you a behind the scenes look at what goes in to a weekend like this.  You’ll be seeing a side to me that you may not have seen before and I’m excited to share it with you.

Well anyway I hope you are as excited for Exxxotica as much as I am.  If you need to buy tickets or need any other info about the convention you can find it here

Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Much Love, Bri. xo

May Preview!

April Preview!

A little BIG Thank You for Voting!!

Just a short thank you video to everyone who voted for me in the Miss Freeones contest and help me win the Best Cam Girl category.  I couldn’t have done it without you guys!


March Preview!

Thank you!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

So the results are finally in for the Miss Freeones contest 2013 and for the second year running I have been voted 1st in the Best Cam Girl category and 2nd in the Best Adult Model category!!!!!  I also managed to come 2nd in the Best OCSM category as well!

The full results are here

Thank you to everyone that put the hard work in and voted for me everyday and helped me do so fantastically well. I never thought that I could pull off another victory this year, and to come 2nd in two other categories as well….wow!  Even coming 15 out of 255 contestants in the main category is an honor for me. Wow, I’m totally blown away.

I am so happy right now you have no idea. This means so much to me, especially being a contest voted for by the fans. It shows that all the hard work that I’ve put in over the past 5 years or so has totally been worth it.

I’ve been cooking up some ideas on how I can thank all you guys and I’ve come up with 2.  Firstly, I will be making a full length xx masturbation video that you will be able to download and keep.  Hopefully I’ll be able to shoot this in the next couple of days or so but as soon as I do I’ll post the download link here and let you all know.

EDIT:  To download the FREE video click here.  I will be shooting a thank you video to thank you all personally anyway, so I decided to give you guys a preview of the sort of content you can expect from me by shooting a role play scene.  I think you’re gonna like it!  ;)

And secondly as I have now been voted Best Cam Girl 2 years in a row I think everyone should get the chance to check out my camming skills in person.  So on Thursday 4th April at 5:30pm EST I will be doing a hugely discounted $1 Gold Show on Streamate.  If that proves popular I may do another one on Friday 5th at around the same time.  To sign up for your FREE account click this link  Believe me you won’t regret it!  I hope to see all of you there on Thursday and I hope to prove to you why I claimed the title I did!  ;)

Thanks again, I love you all!!!!

Much Love, Bri xo

Facebook Fakers!!

Hey guys,

I’m getting so sick of all the fake accounts and the gullible men who think it’s really me that I had to post something about it.  Sorry but I won’t write you a sob story begging for you to send me money.  These impersonators are going as far as giving Skype/messenger shows and using RECORDINGS of my cam shows to try and sucker guys into thinking it’s really me.  So sick.  I was blocked from Facebook page for 30 days, so I re-opened an old account to let people know wtf is going on. * PROOF this is the real me, I am posting a link to this account here SO THERE WILL BE NO CONFUSION! * – My only Official Fan Page


Here is also a list of my other pages. ANYTHING ELSE IS FAKE FAKE FAKE

THIS HAS TO STOP! Please share this post on your Facebook wall if we are friends, I need help clearing up this mess. Thank you!

Bri xo

February Preview!

Please Vote for Me in Miss Freeones 2013!

Hey guys,

So it’s that time again.  The big Miss Freeones contest is starting tomorrow (Monday 18th February) and I need all of your support and votes!  Remember that being a member of Freeones gains you extra voting power so please take the 2 minutes that it takes to sign up for a FREE account before you start voting.  And remember that voting is DAILY so be sure to bookmark my profile page:


EDIT:  Check out the little thank you video I mad at the end of this post.

EDIT 01st March:  Round 2 has now started!!  Thank you to everyone that voted and got me this far!  Unfortunately as it’s a new round all vote counts have gone back to ZERO!  :(  Please show your continued support by continuing to vote daily.  The categories I’m most concentrating on are Best Cam Girl and Best Adult Model so if you could spare 2 daily votes then please vote for me in those categories!  Thank again.  :)

EDIT 11th March:  The 3rd and Final Round has now started!!  Thank you to everyone that has been voting over the last 2 rounds and has helped me get through to the last round in 4 categories!!  It’s beyond my wildest dreams!  But now is when it gets extra competitive.  Again all votes go back to zero and this time you only get 3 votes.  As I said before the categories I’m most concentrating on are Best Cam Girl and Best Adult Model so if you do have a spare vote then please vote for me in either of these categories.  :)  Only 10 more voting days to go guys so any support you can show me would be much appreciated.  Remember if I win then you win.  ;)  #TeamBrianaLee


Here is some important information about the contest that you will all need to know:

About Miss FreeOnes 2013

  • Contest start: February 18 at 2am EST
  • Contest end: March 22 at 2am EST
  • Prize money: $30,000 over 6 categories with $10,000 going to the girl who wins Miss FreeOnes 2013!

Miss FreeOnes Categories

  • Miss FreeOnes: All contestants enter and compete against one another.
  • Best Euro Babe: Any contestant that is an european national.
  • Best Cam Girl: Any contestant that cams at least 1x a week on her own site or a cam network.
  • Best Adult Model: Any contestant that has never done boy/girl hardcore.
  • Best Newcomer: Any contestant that has been added to FreeOnes in 2012 and HAS NOT competed in the category in the 2012 contest.
  • Best OCSM: The OCSM that members think is the best. (see below for more info)

Important Miss FreeOnes Dates

  • Round 1 starts: February 18th, 2013 at 2am EST
  • Round 2 starts: February 28th, 2013 at 4am EST
  • Round 3 starts: March 11th, 2013 at 4am EST
  • Contest ends: March 22nd, 2013 at 2am EST
  • 2013 winners announced: March 30th, 2013 (time TBA)

Miss FreeOnes 2013 Voting

The voting for Miss FreeOnes 2013 is exactly the same as in 2012.

So, here’s the voting breakdown:

Round 1: 10 votes per day, across all categories (this means you have 10 votes to spend, period…not 10 per category).
Round 2: 5 votes per day
Round 3: 3 votes per day

It doesn’t matter when you vote, since your votes are in a 24 hour time. So if you vote at 11:59 today, you’ll be able to vote again at 12:01…2 minutes later again. However, you will have to wait until midnight to hit before you regain your next set of votes.

Additionally, like in the previous years, FreeOnes members who log in to vote will have more influence over votes than anonymous voters! AND you can change your vote weight during the contest if you post more! So if you’re not a member yet, this is an excellent reason to register for free!

Vote Weight Breakdown

  • Anonymous voters (are not logged into myFO) .25 of a vote
  • Members who have an account, 0 posts x1
  • Members who have had an account less than 6 months 1-50 posts X1.5
  • Members who have had an account less than 6 months 50-100 posts X2
  • Members who have had an account less than 6 months 100+ posts X2.5
  • Members who have had an account 6-12 months 1-50 posts X2
  • Members who have had an account 6-12 months 50-100 posts X2.5
  • Members who have had an account 6-12 months 100+ posts X3
  • Members who have had an account 1-3 years 1-50 posts x2.5
  • Members who have had an account 1-3 years 50-100 posts X3
  • Members who have had an account 1-3 years 100+ posts X3.5
  • Members who have had an account 3-5 years 1-50 posts X3
  • Members who have had an account 3-5 years 50-100 posts X 3.5
  • Members who have had an account 3-5 years 100+ posts X4
  • Members who have had an account 5+ years 1-50 posts X3.5
  • Members who have had an account 5+ years 50-100 posts X4
  • Members who have had an account 5+ years 100+ posts X5
Please make sure that you stick to all of the rules.  Remember if anyone is found to be breaking the rules in my favor then I could be disqualified from the contest.

I know that many of you may have other girls in the contest that you also want to vote for but if you could spare a daily vote for me in the Best Adult Model and Best Cam Girl categories then I would REALLY appreciate it!

To be able to do well in this contest means ALOT to me so any support you can show me will be so so appreciated. :)

Much Love guys,

Bri xo

January Preview!